Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pattern Test Success - Schoolboy Vest from Sew Much Ado

I love trying out new sewing patterns and would love to be able to test more new patterns for my favorite designers.  However, the fact that I have 2 little boys and no girls at my testing disposal cuts my chances of being chosen to test by more than half.  Let's face it - there are just way more patterns for girls than there are for boys! :)
That is why I feel so lucky to be chosen as a pattern tester for Abby at Sew Much Ado.  Her new pattern, the Schoolboy Vest, was released last week and I'm just now getting around to writing up my review.  Better late than never!
Schoolboy Vest, Size 12-18mos
I tested size 12-18 months for my 10-month-old little man.  He normally wears size 12 months in RTW, but based on the sizing measurements Abby provided, he would probably be a little too big for the 6-12 mos size.
I used grey 21-wale corduroy for the outside and Michael Miller's Mini Mikes Mini Harlequin for the lining.  Since the pattern called for (4) 3/4" buttons, I just grabbed 4 of whatever matching ones I could find.  They happened to be green, which perfectly match the green harlequin of the lining.
The Schoolboy Vest has a relatively slim-fitting silhouette.  It fit my little guy very well with some room to grow.
Abby gave us a truly great pattern.  She did a fantastic job of making every step of the process as easy and pain-free as possible.  First of all, I love how the front of the vest is cut.  The points along the bottom hem are closer to the center.

The vest has options for faux welt (which I tested) or true welt pockets.  The complete pattern pieces are included, rather than providing measurements for these pieces.  I believe she did this because the measurements were a little more complicated than providing a chart of cutting measurements for these pieces, which of course is helpful for sewists of all ability levels.
One of my favorite things about the pattern is that Abby provides an all-in-one template for the stabilizer pattern piece, buttonhole placement, and button placement for the front of the vest.  It's genius!  This little template completely takes all the guesswork out of marking the buttonholes and button placement.  Each size has its own template to ensure perfect results, no matter what size you make:

The Schoolboy Vest also features a super cute buckle on the back that adds such a nice detail!
Schoolboy Vest - Back Buckle


  1. He's so cute in his mini little chair! So manly, lol! Thank you for all your help!